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As Your REALTOR, Here's What You Get...

Congratulations, you made a great choice looking for a REALTOR® to help you in your transaction. You made an even greater choice finding me to guide you through your buying and/or selling decisions. As your REALTOR®, these are the services I provide my clients who are selling. I think you will find they are most complete and thorough. For my buyer clients, see my services here.

  • Home pricing consultation
  • Comparable Market Analysis
  • MLS Listing with photos
  • Lock Box (for Sellers)
  • Internet advertising - beyond MLS
  • For Sale signs
  • One page sales and spec sheet
  • Value-add staging recommendations
  • Paperwork and contract support
  • Contract negotiations
  • Follow up after closing
  • Attend inspections (for Buyers)
  • Network of professional partnerships
  • Open houses
  • Attend closing

Why Hire a REALTOR?

When you’re ready to think about buying or selling your property, you need to ask yourself the

following questions:


• Do you have the time, energy, sources of information, and contacts to do the job yourself?

• If so, do you anticipate the results of your transaction will be as good, or better, than they

would be if you had professional assistance?

• Would working with a REALTOR® help the process go more smoothly, and give you

more personal time?

• Do you think that having a REALTOR® involved might likely allow you to purchase for

less, or sell for more?


The process of buying and selling a home can be a confusing, complex process. Finding the right

real estate agent is the first of many important steps and can be the difference in how quickly you

sell or buy your home and for how much.


What is a REALTOR®?

REALTORS® are licensed real estate professionals who are members of, and subscribe to, the

National Association of REALTORS® strict Code of Ethics. Their clients have the right to expect

and receive specific fiduciary duties of confidentiality, loyalty, faithfulness, full-disclosure,

obedience, reasonable care and diligence and accounting. REALTORS® employ the highest

expertise in providing service, savings, and satisfaction, as well as pledge to provide fair and

ethical treatment to both buyers and sellers. REALTORS® can assist you with buying, selling,

exchanging, leasing, optioning or investing in real estate, relocating, or requiring property

management services.


Choosing a REALTOR®

To find the best REALTOR® in your community to market and sell YOUR home:


• Ask your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors for their referrals. Ask them specific

questions about their home buying or selling experience. Ask them what kind of service

they received and whether or not THEY would use this REALTOR® again.

• Surf the Internet. You’ll find extensive information about REALTORS® and their


• Attend open houses to observe REALTORS® marketing a property in action.

• Look for sold signs in your neighborhood indicating a successful REALTOR® track


• Read the real estate ads in your local newspapers or local real estate homes for sale

magazines to find agents who have experience selling homes in your area and price range.


Professional designations and advertised areas of specialization may serve as an initial indicator

for a REALTOR® or company you would like to interview. Interviewing more than one

REALTOR® or company will provide you with information on the wide variety of services

available. When choosing a REALTOR®, talk about a plan of action customized to fit your real

estate needs. Don’t be afraid to ask the following questions, which any REALTOR® should be

prepared and willing to answer:


• How will you market my home to prospective buyers?

• Are you a member of the National Association of REALTORS®?

• Have you earned any special professional real estate designations?

• Exactly what do I get for my money by working with you?


In the end, you will have to trust your instincts about who will best represent YOUR interests.

Buyers and Sellers have to make a lot of important decisions, and will rely on their REALTOR® to

assist them in making the best ones. Buying or selling a home is one of the most important

investments you will make, and your REALTOR® should be your most valuable resource

throughout the process.


What a REALTOR® Can Do For You


• A REALTOR® can help you determine what the selling price of your home should be, or

how much home you can afford. Often a REALTOR® can suggest ways to accrue the

down payment and explain alternative financing methods when buying.

• A REALTOR®, in addition to knowing the local money market, also can tell you what

personal and financial data to bring with you when you apply for a loan.

• A REALTOR® is already familiar with current real estate values, taxes, utility costs,

municipal services and facilities, and may be aware of local zoning changes that could

affect your decision to buy or sell.

• A REALTOR® can research your housing needs in advance through the Multiple Listing


• A REALTOR® can show you only those homes best suited to your needs--size, style,

features, location, accessibility to schools, transportation, shopping and other personal


• A REALTOR® often can suggest simple, imaginative changes that make a home sell more

quickly, or to make it more suitable for you and improve its utility and value when


• A REALTOR® is sensitive to the major commitment you are about to make. Look for a

real estate professional to facilitate negotiation of a win-win agreement that will satisfy

both buyer and seller.



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