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Special counsel Robert Mueller did not find Donald Trump's campaign or associates conspired with Russia, Attorney General William Barr said Sunday. MUELLER DID NOT FIND TRUMP CONSPIRED WITH RUSSIA

3/24/2019 4:23:48 PM

CNN's Wolf Blitzer discusses the summary findings of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation with former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

3/24/2019 3:49:19 PM

The special counsel's office deliberated at length with Justice Department officials about issuing a subpoena for President Donald Trump to be interviewed, but ultimately the decision was made not to move forward with such a significant investigative step, according to a source familiar with the matter.

3/24/2019 6:25:30 PM

CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin discusses the implications of Attorney General William Barr's summary of special counsel Robert Mueller's report.

3/24/2019 2:32:21 PM

President Donald Trump spent the last 18-plus months attacking the investigation into Russian interference and the possibility of collusion between his campaign and the Russians. On Sunday, that same investigation, led by special counsel Robert Mueller, gave Trump something he wanted -- and needed badly: A dismissal on the question of collusion and no charges of obstruction against either the President or his team.

3/24/2019 4:14:19 PM

CNN's Shimon Prokupecz reads a "key line" from Attorney General William Barr's conclusion of special counsel Robert Mueller's report on his investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election.

3/24/2019 2:19:13 PM

Strap in, America.

3/24/2019 7:06:52 AM

• Read: Justice Department summary of Mueller report • Barr authored memo last year ruling out obstruction of justice

3/24/2019 6:23:51 PM

• The Mueller probe ends, and the gloating begins in Moscow

3/24/2019 5:44:28 PM

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The Latest: Pence claims total vindication in Mueller reportWASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on President Donald Trump and the special counsel's Russia investigation. (all times Eastern time):

3/24/2019 6:01:31 PM

Christchurch mosques reopen after attacks as New Zealand 'marches for love'Smelling of fresh paint, the two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch where a gunman killed 50 worshippers last week reopened their doors on Saturday, with many survivors among the first to walk in and pray for those who died. At the Al Noor mosque, where more than 40 of the victims were killed by a suspected white supremacist, prayers resumed with armed police on site, but no graphic reminders of the mass shooting, New Zealand's worst. Aden Diriye, who lost his 3-year-old son, Mucad Ibrahim, in the attack, came back to the mosque with his friends. "I am very happy," he said after praying. "Allah is great to us. I was back as soon as we rebuilt, to pray." Most victims of the shooting, which New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern quickly denounced as a terrorist attack, were migrants or refugees and their deaths reverberated around the Islamic world. Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan, who visited the Al Noor mosque, said the attack assailed human dignity. "This is a moment of deep anguish for all of us, all of humanity," he said. Police said they were reopening the nearby Linwood mosque, the second to be attacked during Friday prayers last week, as well. New Zealand has been under heightened security alert since the attack with Ardern moving quickly with a new tough law banning some of the guns used in the March 15 shooting.  Ashif Shaikh, who was in the Al Noor mosque on the day of the massacre in which two of his housemates were killed and who came back on Saturday, said he would not be deterred. "It is the place where we pray, where we meet, we'll be back, yeah," he said. A woman embraces a boy at the "March for Love"  Credit: Mark Baker/AP Earlier on Saturday, about 3,000 people walked through Christchurch in a "march for love" as the city seeks to heal from its tragedy. Carrying placards with signs such as "He wanted to divide us, he only made us stronger", "Muslims welcome, racists not", and "Kia Kaha" - Maori for 'stay strong', people walked mostly in silence or softly sang a Maori hymn of peace. "We feel like hate has brought a lot of darkness at times like this and love is the strongest cure to light the city out of that darkness," said Manaia Butler, 16, one of the student organisers of the march. New Zealand and Ardern have been widely praised for the outpouring of empathy and unity in response to the attacks. Dubai's ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, thanked Ardern on Twitter late on Friday. He posted a photo of Dubai's Burj Khalifaworld, the world's tallest building, lit up with an enlarged image of Ardern embracing a woman and the Arabic word "salam" and the English translation "peace" above them. "Thank you @jacindaardern and New Zealand for your sincere empathy and support that has won the respect of 1.5 billion Muslims after the terrorist attack that shook the Muslim community around the world," he said on Twitter. New Zealand today fell silent in honour of the mosque attacks' martyrs. Thank you PM @jacindaardern and New Zealand for your sincere empathy and support that has won the respect of 1.5 billion Muslims after the terrorist attack that shook the Muslim community around the world. pic.twitter.com/9LDvH0ybhD— HH Sheikh Mohammed (@HHShkMohd) March 22, 2019 Muslims account for just over 1 percent of New Zealand's 4.8-million population, a 2013 census showed, most of whom were born overseas. On Friday, the Muslim call to prayer was broadcast nationwide on television and radio and about 20,000 people attended a prayer service in the park opposite Al Noor mosque in a show of solidarity. Many women have also donned headscarves to show their support. In Mecca, Islam's holiest site, a special prayer was held after the Friday sermon for the victims of the attack, according to the Saudi news website Sabq. Most of the dead were laid to rest at a mass burial in Christchurch on Friday, when 26 victims were interred. Others have been buried at private ceremonies, or repatriated to their home countries for funerals. Shahadat Hossain, whose brother Mojammel Haque was killed in the attack, told Reuters he would bring his body back to Bangladesh. "I don't know when our family will be able to come out of this grief," he said.

3/23/2019 12:17:27 AM

Want to see the poppy super bloom in California? Brace yourself for large crowds, long linesEveryone wishing to see the super bloom in Lake Elsinore, California must pay $10 and ride a shuttle to the poppy fields.

3/23/2019 1:20:14 PM

Thousands of Brexit protesters flood the streets of London calling for new referendumAs the tire fire that is Theresa May's handling of Brexit continues to burn, a crowd pegged at around a million people flooded the streets of London on Saturday, protesting the disastrous policy and calling on a new referendum. SEE ALSO: John Oliver shares his thoughts on Brexit and we honestly don't know whether to laugh or cryWhile the option of a second referendum on Brexit was once seen as highly unlikely, there's now a semblance of hope for those backing the vote. Prime Minister May has bungled the process and is faced with a variety of dubious options, including a yet-again delayed exit or even a no-deal Brexit that would have serious ramifications.Dubbed "Put It To The People," Saturday's march saw around a million people participate, organizers said. The event also included a rally in front of Parliament. London Mayor Sadiq Khan was among those marching and he was scheduled to speak at the post-march rally. > And we're off! > > Here in London, thousands of people from across our city and country have come together with @peoplesvote_uk to send a clear message: > > Enough is enough - it's time to give the British public the final say on Brexit. PeoplesVote PutItToThePeople pic.twitter.com/wJzXF4UB6N> > -- Sadiq Khan (@SadiqKhan) March 23, 2019The swarm of people in London was in direct contrast to the much smaller "March to Leave," a two-week trek of pro-leave protesters led by Nigel Farage, walking from Sunderland with the aim of arriving in London on Friday, March 29, the originally planned Brexit date. > Compare and contrast PutitothePeopleMarch pic.twitter.com/spc9sRNrxn> > -- Steve Lapsley (@stevelapsl) March 23, 2019In London, though, the streets were flooded with protesters holding quippy signs and marching in costume, all part of the growing movement to demand a new vote over leaving the EU. > Unicorn makes an entrancePutitothePeopleMarch > ⁦@sloumarsh⁩ pic.twitter.com/8dzJtPA8yi> > -- Paul Johnson (@paul__johnson) March 23, 2019Even superheroes backed the second vote protest.Image: Getty ImagesOne of many, many clever signs seen in London during Saturday's protest.Image: Getty ImagesThe movement to remain in the EU got a big boost in visibility earlier in the week when an online petition calling for revoking Article 50, the law that outlines how countries can exit the EU, gained so many signatures (now at 4.4 million) that it crashed the government's petition website. Organizers pegged the crowd at just over a million participants.Image: Getty ImagesEven dogs joined the march.Image: Getty ImagesTo say the Brexit process has been a disaster is putting it mildly, as can be seen by the fact that Prime Minister May is the target of both aforementioned protests that take opposing sides. It's reflective of the infighting that's taken place in Parliament, leaving that body of government in a deadlock with no plan in place for an exit. Despite Saturday's enormous protest, odds of a second referendum are still long thanks to the hurdles that need to be cleared -- including approval from that deadlocked Parliament, a decision on what, exactly, the referendum would be a vote on, and negotiating a timetable on the vote. Madness is an understatement when it comes to the Brexit messImage: Getty ImagesLondon was flooded Saturday with protesters and their signs, calling on a new Brexit vote as Teresa May flirts with disaster.Image: Getty ImagesFor now, it's a wait-and-see situation for everyone. The EU has given May until April 12 to get a deal passed by Parliament. The protesters were not kind to May.Image: Getty ImagesFailure to get a deal done will mean either a no-deal Brexit or May will have to propose yet another alternative before that deadline. And, with that, yet another journey into the unknown for the UK.  WATCH: Google fined $1.7 Billion by European Union for handicapping competitors

3/23/2019 12:27:47 PM

Local officials applaud Gov. Newsom's wildfire emergency declarationBy declaring a state of emergency, Governor Gavin Newsom is able to forego a lot of the legal and environmental requirements to get things moving.

3/22/2019 8:48:57 PM

Thailand's pro-army party leads in election; results delayedThe Election Commission had been scheduled to announce the unofficial results Sunday night for the 500-seat lower House of Representatives but later said it was delayed until Monday, without giving a reason. With 93 percent of overall votes counted, the Election Commission reported Palang Pracharat was leading with 7.64 million votes. Trailing with 7.16 million votes was Pheu Thai, a party linked to the self-exiled ousted former premier Thaksin Shinawatra, whose loyalists have won every election since 2001.

3/24/2019 1:03:21 PM

Turkey Probes JPMorgan After Lira’s Worst Slide Since 2018 CrashThe Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, known as BDDK, on Saturday said a research note a day earlier by two JPMorgan analysts that recommended selling the lira against the dollar had “misguiding and manipulative” content that resulted in volatility in markets and hurt the reputation of Turkish banks. The Capital Markets Board began its own investigation on similar grounds, according to a statement on its website.

3/24/2019 3:00:01 PM

Some remains of Guatemala volcano victims unidentified: officialGuatemalan investigators have been unable to identify about 110 pieces of remains from victims of a volcanic eruption that killed 202 people and left 229 missing last June, a forensic official said Saturday. After months of testing, which included sending some samples abroad, about 110 remains cannot be identified, said the head of the National Forensic Sciences Office, Fanuel Garcia. "We have all of them and we are holding on to them, awaiting a time to carry out a collective burial," he said of the unidentified remains.

3/23/2019 5:28:32 PM

Antwon Rose trial: White police officer acquitted of murder in fatal shooting of teenagerThe mother of an unarmed black teenager fatally shot by a white police officer as he fled a traffic stop has expressed her anger and devastation over a jury’s decision to acquit the officer. Former East Pittsburgh police officer Michael Rosfeld was charged with homicide for shooting Antwon Rose II last June in one of the many high-profile killings of black people by white police officers. The deadly confrontation, captured on video, led to weeks of unrest and angry protests in the Pittsburgh last year, including a late-night march that shut down a major motorway.

3/23/2019 12:53:00 PM

Q&A: What does the Mueller report mean for Trump?The special counsel has filed his report on the Trump-Russia investigation. Here’s what we know so far * Mueller report – live updates * Support the Guardian’s independent journalism and make a contributionRobert Mueller, 74, was in private practice, after having served for 12 years as director of the FBI, as a US attorney, and as a marine. Photograph: J Scott Applewhite/AP What does Mueller’s report say?We don’t know yet. We know that Mueller has filed his report to William Barr, the attorney general, and that Barr has informed Congress that he received it.Mueller was only required, under the regulations on special counsels, to explain to Barr whom he decided to prosecute, whom he declined to prosecute, and why. But it is possible that he added more detail on what he found out. A justice department official said on Friday the report was “comprehensive”.Barr did disclose on Friday that there were no actions proposed by Mueller that Barr overruled. This means that Mueller apparently made it to the end of his investigation free from interference from Trump’s administration. What does it mean for Donald Trump?The report is likely to reveal whether or not Mueller discovered any coordination between Trump’s presidential campaign and Russian operatives who interfered in the 2016 election.Trump has repeatedly denied that there was any such coordination, and no Americans have yet been charged for it. But Mueller has accused Trump’s former campaign chairman of sharing polling data with an alleged Russian intelligence asset.The report may also say whether or not Mueller’s team concluded that Trump obstructed justice – or attempted to – by firing James Comey, the former FBI director, or taking other actions. What happens with the report now?It is not clear how much of the report will be given to Congress and the public.Barr said in his letter to the chairmen and ranking members of the House and Senate judiciary committees on Friday that he was reviewing the report and “may be in a position to advise you of the special counsel’s principal conclusions as soon as this weekend”.Barr said he would separately be discussing with Mueller and Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, what other information could be revealed to Congress and the public.The attorney general told Congress that he was “committed to as much transparency as possible” but said he would also be guided by the justice department’s “long-standing practices and policies”. Typically the department does not make public derogatory information about people who are not being charged.In any case Democrats, who control the House, have vowed to obtain the full report and make it public. If Barr resists this, a legal dispute may follow. What were Mueller’s findings before this report?Mueller documented, in lengthy and detailed indictments, a long-term and multi-level effort by Russia to tamper in US elections and sow discord online. Mueller’s documentation of the Russian espionage and sabotage efforts contrasted with Trump’s equivocation on whether Russia had engaged in such activity.Mueller also uncovered and documented ties and contacts, before and after the 2016 election, between Russians and key former Trump aides including Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos and Michael Cohen. All have pleaded guilty to criminal conduct or been convicted by a jury.Mueller had also referred investigations to outside prosecutors’ offices in New York and Virginia, which have resulted in convictions against or guilty pleas from Manafort, Cohen and Gates, and which have led to ongoing investigations of alleged criminal conduct inside the Trump Organization, the Trump Foundation, Trump’s inaugural committee and the presidential transition team.In all, Mueller had previously indicted or secured guilty pleas from 34 individuals (including 26 Russians and six former Trump aides) and three Russian corporations. With near unanimity, former prosecutors and legal analysts have judged Mueller’s work to have been completed with speed and precision. What was Mueller’s brief?Mueller was appointed on 17 May 2017, to serve as special counsel for the Department of Justice. The appointment was prompted by the firing of the FBI director, James Comey, eight days earlier; the recusal of the then attorney general, Jeff Sessions, from matters pertaining to the Russia investigation; and a perceived need to protect and advance open investigations into Russian election tampering and the Trump campaign.An official letter of authorization signed by the acting attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, authorized Mueller to investigate (quoting from the document):> (i) any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump; and> > (ii) any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation; and> > (iii) any other matters within the scope of [the statute prescribing the special counsel’s jurisdiction]. How long did it take? How much did it cost?Mueller turned in his report 674 days after his appointment. By the end of last December, the investigation had cost about $27m, Politifact estimated – a fraction of the cost of special prosecutor investigations in decades past. Accounting for the estimated $48m that Mueller’s team has clawed back from tax cheats, the net cost of the Mueller investigation could be negative. Are any other Trump-related investigations still ongoing?Yes, lots. While the special counsel’s office has concluded its work, investigations taken up by federal prosecutors in the southern and eastern districts of New York continue, and prosecutors have also been active in the eastern district of Virginia and the District of Columbia. Unlike Mueller, those prosecutors are not bound by narrow authorizations dictating what activity they can investigate, and there is no pressure to hasten the investigations.Congress is conducting separate investigations of Trump’s campaign and other matters. Evidence gathered by Mueller could feed those investigations. What’s next for Mueller?Mueller’s duties connected with his appointment as special counsel are now complete, and he is not expected to take on a further public role. Before agreeing to the special counsel appointment, Mueller, 74, was in private practice, after having served for 12 years as director of the FBI, as a US attorney, and as a marine. He has not announced future plans.

3/23/2019 8:33:42 AM


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