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Nursing was more than a career to Rachel Ellsworth. She says she was "called" to the work.

2/25/2021 1:29:32 PM

Former ICU nurse Rachel Ellsworth says she quit her job because of the stress of caring for Covid-19 patients and the irritable person she became. She decided to move her family here and start a new life.

2/25/2021 6:16:45 AM

• LIVE UPDATES: Global coronavirus death toll surpasses 2.5 million • Despite US Covid-19 cases dropping, experts warn another surge is likely on its way

2/25/2021 5:21:26 AM

Dr. Anthony Fauci reveals what he considers to be his lowest point in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

2/23/2021 7:00:30 AM

Throughout Olivia Thompson's 12-hour shift as a cardiac and Covid-19 nurse in Chandler, Arizona, she closely monitors the oxygen levels of several patients at a time and works with other medical specialists to heal them.

2/22/2021 10:23:38 AM

Nearly a third of the nurses who've died of coronavirus in the US are Filipino, even though Filipino nurses make up just 4% of the nursing population nationwide.

12/11/2020 9:54:58 AM

A new ensemble forecast published Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests the daily Covid-19 death rate will slow in the coming weeks -- good news following more than a month of declining case and hospitalization numbers.

2/25/2021 1:15:55 PM

• Opinion: Republicans react to 2020 defeats by trying to make it harder to vote • Georgia GOP pushing new sweeping bill to restrict voting • Arizona Republicans propose giving lawmakers final review of election

2/25/2021 1:43:08 PM


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